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Horton Automatics Revolving Doors
ImageHorton Automatics offers a complete line of revolving door systems to fit every application.

In today’s world, form, function, efficiency and security are vital needs for your entrance systems. No products meet those needs better than Horton Automatics revolving door entrance systems. Horton has the complete line of revolving door systems including manual, automatic and security doors available in a wide array of designs and finishes.

ImageEasyFlow™ (Series 9500)
EasyFlow™ manual revolving doors provide energy efficiency and high architectural appeal.

Revolving doors reduce air infiltration, wind gusts, pollution and fumes from the outside in addition to improving interior climate control.

Designed for use in a multitude of applications including office and government buildings, banks, retail stores and restaurants, the EasyFlow™ manual revolving door features our mechanical speed control for years of smooth operation.

While maintaining energy efficiency, the EasyFlow™ manual revolving door meets architectural design requirements and provides an inviting entryway. The product is available in a variety of diameters and finishes.

ImageElegant™ (Series 9500E)
Add a touch of class to a spectacular entrance with Horton’s Elegant™ All Glass Revolving Door.

The Elegant™ is the design oriented manual revolving door system. When used on an exterior entrance, the Elegant™ showcases your building’s façade and the interior aesthetics of the buildings lobby. Designed for use in a multitude of applications including office buildings, banks, upscale retail stores, hotels and restaurants where beauty, energy efficiency and a clear, unobstructed view are desired. Horton’s Elegant™ revolving door combines the features and benefits of a manual revolving door with the striking aesthetics of an all glass entrance.

While maintaining energy efficiency, the Elegant™ manual revolving door meets your aesthetic requirements and provides an inviting and functional entryway.

ImageAutoFlow™ (Series 9300)
Horton Automatics’ AutoFlow™ automatic revolving doors are energy efficient and offer easy, hands free operation.

The AutoFlow™ automatic revolving door is designed for use in hotels, hospitals, airports, banks, office buildings and similar applications. AutoFlow™ doors feature motion detectors at each opening that start rotation on user approach. A reduced speed feature slows door rotation to allow easy access in larger doors for wheelchairs, strollers and large parcels along with four field programmable voice prompts.

The microprocessor control provides wireless remote door speed adjustment and set up. A self-diagnostic display makes service and maintenance easy. The solid-state voice module that alerts pedestrians is included for both reduced speed and resume speed conditions. In the event of power failure, the doors allow easy manual operation.

ImageGrand™ (Series 9600)
Elegance, energy efficiency and exceptional engineering describe the Grand™ large diameter revolving door from Horton Automatics.

The Grand™ turns an ordinary entrance into an energy-efficient vestibule system. This large diameter automatic revolving entrance not only controls heating/cooling costs and eliminates drafts, but it also creates a gracious, spacious opening. The Grand™ has been engineered with an unmistakable touch-of-class. Engineers considered safety and reliability while creating an entrance with the largest possible opening – one that is always sealed. The Grand’s™spacious compartments provide functional, energy-efficient entrances to hospitals, airports, hotels and commercial buildings. The Grand™ also offers a host of features for enhanced safety and convenience.

ImageControlFlow™ (Series 9200)
Horton’s ControlFlow™ automatic security revolving doors provide a cost effective, secure entrance for your facility.

ControlFlow™ security revolving doors control access to your facility and monitor your safety automatically, continuously and effectively and at a substantially lower cost than conventional monitoring systems or security personnel. The exclusive Segmented™ design allows for low cost, quick delivery and unmatched glazing options, up to level lll bullet resistance.

ControlFlow™ doors provide employees a subtle sense of security along with free movement for authorized users in and out of the facility. This automated security provides continuous and economical control with a typical payback period of 6 months or less. The doors integrate with all access control devices and building management systems.

While security is a necessity, your employees’ safety and well being are also critical, that’s why Horton offers more safety features such as Bump-to-Idle™, torque limiting and cushioned safety edges. Our revolutionary control offers 16 modes of operation, 99 adjustable parameters and 16 diagnostic modes including self set up through the wireless remote control.

Horton’s ControlFlow™ security revolving doors allow your guard force to be more effective while reducing energy costs and improving employee safety.

ImageControlFlow™ Automatic Security Portal (Series 9700)
Horton Automatics’ rock solid design makes this portal ideal for use in any application where security is vital.

The Horton Automatics Security Portal offers the utmost in security while maintaining simplicity and ease of use. Designed for use in a multitude of applications including airports, government buildings, research facilities, and computer centers, the Security Portal offers controlled access, processing 4-6 people per minute. Bullet-resistant glass and steel construction, integrated metal detection and weight sensors are all included as standard features.

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