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Record-USA Swinging Doors

8100 and 8200 Series Heavy Duty Swing Door Unit

Electro-Mechanical Swing Door Operators

The 8000 Series Electro-Mechanical Swing Door Operators is engineered to automate swing doors in high traffic situations. Designed to meet market demands for dependability, low noise, and application flexibility, the 8100 Series operator can successfully automate swinging door in Hospitals, Supermarkets, and airports, as well as dock doors, with smooth trouble free operation.

The 8100 Series includes a low profile 4-1/2″ tall by 5″ deep extruded aluminum cover with radiused exposed edges providing a clean, attractive and contemporary design.

The 8200 Series is provided in a traditional rectangular 4-1/2″ tall by 5-1/2″ deep head section to match existing storefront architecture.