Horton Security Doors

Automatic Transaction Security Window
Creates a secure barrier between the attendant and the customer. This gives the attendant the choice of direct contact with the customer through the automatic sliding window or the added security of using the transaction drawer to exchange items.
Automatic Swing Door with Electric Strike or Magnetic Locks
ADA compliant, automatic swing doors offer convenient access to buildings. By adding an electric strike interface or magnetic locks, these doors can be secured from general traffic, released remotely or by card access.
Automatic Slide Doors with Electric Locking
Adding auto locks to either a single or bi-parting slide door gives you an added level of security by controlling traffic and limiting access.
Control Flow™ Security Revolving Doors
Control Flow doors offer two types of access control; Directional Security – permits free access in one direction but prohibits or restricts usage in the other. Card Access Security – offers greater flexibility, allowing control of access in one or both directions. Owner has the option to select automatic day use and night security.
Security Portal
The Horton Automatics Security Portal provides maximum security with built in metal detection, weight sensing, and interlocking doors. Recommended for the most demanding security applications designed with simplicity and ease of use.

Application Security Window Swing Door w/Elec. Strike or Magnetic Locks Slide door w/Elec. Locking Security Revolving Door One-Way Security Revolving Door Security Portal
Senior Living Center
Food Stores/ Pharmacies
Pharmaceutical Plants
Retail (Jewelry Stores/Banks/Etc.)
Corporate HQ
Manufacturing Plants
R&D Centers
Financial Centers
Government Buildings
Post Offices
Court Houses
Police Departments
Local Government
State Capitols