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Horton Automatics offers the broadest line of sliding doors in the industry. Every door package is custom manufactured to your specifications. Invented by Horton Automatics, we carry on our proud slide door tradition with the broadest product offering in the industry. Our broad offering gives you and your design partners “choices” so that your entrances meet your exacting requirements for size, color, and finish as well as function, grade of construction, safety and security. Horton Automatics is always available to assist you with your “choice” to insure all your design, architectural and code requirements are met. Image Profiler™
The Profiler™ is Horton’s premium slide door system designed to meet all of your slide entrance needs.

The heart of the Profiler™ linear drive system is the simple design of the all-electric, heavy-duty operator. Superior construction, outstanding safety and unsurpassed reliability lead to the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. The emergency breakout mechanism is a heavy duty commercial grade system that is spring loaded for safe opening of heavier doors and owner convenience.

No other door on the market offers the protection of double weather-stripping that is standard in the Horton door package. An adjustable astragal with mohair around the entire perimeter of the door complies with your most rigid infiltration requirements. A partial opening feature is available for seasonal adjustments. The slim design 4″ x 6″ header with its smooth face plate blends into your building’s architecture.

For the benchmark in performance and style the Horton Automatics ProSlide™ sets the mark.

The ProSlide™ premium automatic entrance system provides an excellent solution in high traffic entrance applications such as: supermarkets, retail stores, airports, shopping malls, hotels and hospitals. The system’s clean lines, high performance and quiet operation compliment any décor or environment.

This premium automatic sliding entrance system features the diagnostic microprocessor control and heavy duty belt drive header system. The ProSlide’s™ doors and panels feature premium corner block construction. The system is engineered to provide long life and safe operation with heavier doors.

ImageThe ProSlide™ Telescoping
The ProSlide™ Telescoping door is the desired package when maximum opening is needed and space is limited.

The ProSlide™ Telescoping door package provides the solution for narrow passageways when a slide door entrance system is desired. The use of a telescoping door increases the clear opening of both a single slide and a bi-part package by more than 35 percent without increasing the overall size of the door frame.

This premium automatic sliding entrance system features the diagnostic microprocessor control and heavy-duty belt drive header system. The ProSlide’s™ doors and panels feature premium corner block construction. The system is engineered to provide long life and safe operation with heavier doors.

The all-glass, automatic design of the Elegant™ sliding door entrance system offers the designer the ultimate balance between function and aesthetics with the added luxury of panoramic visibility.

The Elegant™ is the design oriented automatic sliding glass entrance system. When used on an exterior entrance, the elegant showcases the interior aesthetics of the buildings lobby, while conforming to building codes. The sliding glass panels are weather stripped to meet your energy conservation requirements. The microprocessor control with digital readout allows for smooth and safe operation.

The Elegant™ is clearly the architectural choice. Horton’s heavy-duty header and belt drive system, combined with the classic beauty and elegance of 1/2″ (13) tempered glass panels allows unobstructed viewing in entrance areas. These doors enhance any building, new or old.

Horton Automatics manual ProfilerICU™ sliding doors are the same proven quality construction as our automatic sliding doors.

The industry leading manual entrance system featuring a low profile header along with positive latch locking system and super strong break away making this a favorite for hospitals or any application where a manual slide door that also swings out is needed.

In hospitals, patients are always in full view through the sliding glass door yet staff activity and noise is not a factor. The full break away feature allows for all panels to swing out of the way providing a large opening for fast removal of patients or equipment.

Horton’s ICU door panels are of the same proven, dependable, quality corner block construction as our automatic sliding doors which have been proven to withstand the grueling conditions in high volume applications such as retail stores, hospitals and airports.

Horton Automatics has a complete line of hurricane rated sliding doors to provide security, safety and protection.

Horton Automatics has closely followed the growing need along the East and Gulf Coast States for hurricane rated sliding doors. The ProfilerStorm Door series offers the most extensive line of hurricane rated doors to meet all your design needs.

The ProfilerStorm product line offers narrow and medium stile doors along with fixed panel and all breakaway door packages. Additionally, the ProfilerStorm series carries ratings for small missile, large missile and non-impact glass required by the Dade County Building Code Compliance Office.

Horton Automatics is the first to bring to the market hurricane rated sliding doors with single action panic devices to allow for fast and efficient egress should an emergency arise.

Horton’s HD-Slide™ automatic sliding door is designed for HEAVY DUTY applications.

The HD-Slide™ header is designed to carry heavy loads such as large commercial and industrial slide doors up to 500 pounds. The self contained operator is engineered for durability, longevity and low maintenance costs. The HD-Slide™ door package with microprocessor control features adjustable speeds, reverse-on-contact and application specific software. Horton’s oversized commercial panels built utilize our premium door construction with corner blocks, heavy duty wheel carriages and breakouts.